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Explore our research projects and collaborations.

Our Projects

  • Trailblazers Training Together

    This project, funded by Bristol, North Somerset and South Gloucestershire Clinical Commissioning Group, Ageing Well Service Development Fund, aims to support hard to reach groups and individuals through community […]

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  • TAS ART: Augmented Robotic Telepresence Integrator

    Mobile Robotic Telepresence (MRP) have autonomous systems features such as collision avoidance, they do not however typically allow for physical manipulation of the environment, have been found to engender limited […]

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  • Digital Twins for Human – Assistive Robot Teams

    In order to accelerate the development and deployment of assistive robots in health and social care, the Digital […]

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    Cyber-physical Health and Assistive Robotics Technologies (CHART) is an interdisciplinary research group based at the School of Computer Science, University of Nottingham. The group conducts foundational and […]

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  • Empowering Future Care Workforces

    Scoping Capabilities to Leverage Assistive Robotics through Co-Design

    Empowering Future Care Workforces aims to understand how health and social care professionals can benefit from using assistive robotics on their own terms. […]

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