Our Projects and Research

Explore our research projects and collaborations.

Our Projects

  • Cheerbot

    We are excited to be collaborating with our University colleagues on Cheerbot – a project investigating the capacity for robotic technologies to foster wellbeing in the workplace. Recognising that low […]

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  • Embodied trust in TAS: robots, dance, different bodies

    We are delighted to welcome the project team and partners in this project to our facility.

    The project is exploring the idea of deeply embodied trust in autonomous systems through a […]

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    Future domestic robotic assistants will be complex hybrid consumer products, integrated into human living spaces to perform daily tasks with us. While robotics technologies have seen a rapid advance in […]

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  • Go Ahead I’m Listening (GAIL)

    We welcome the ‘GAIL’ project to the Cobot Maker Space.

    GAIL is a TAS Hub Agile and Integrator Round 3 project and runs from 1/9/2023 until 31/8/2024

    Would you trust a robot more […]

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  • Telepresence Robot Playground (TERPLAY)

    We welcome the Telepresence Robot Playground team to the Cobot Maker Space.

    This is a TAS Hub Agile and Integrator Round 3 project, led by Gisela Reyes Cruz, School of […]

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