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Our Projects

  • Empowering Future Care Workforces

    Empowering health and social care professionals through digital technologies has long been a goal in health and care policy. As governments invest in post-pandemic digital transformation, ensuring that workers are […]

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  • Human-Guided Learning and Benchmarking of Robotic Heap Sorting (HEAP)

    The HEAP project is a European consortium that investigates robotic sorting of unstructured heaps of unknown objects. Robotic heap sorting is of interest for […]

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  • Trustworthy Accessible Robots for Inclusive Cultural experiences (TARICS)

    Cultural experiences, such as going to a museum are an important activity in society, and an important source for personal enrichment that can affect a […]

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  • Next Generation Rehabilitation Technologies

    Supported by a core membership of experts […]

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  • Adaptive interactive Movies (AiM)

    AiM – Before We Disappear

    This project is funded by the Horizon Digital Economy Research Institute and The Arts Council England and will produce an interactive film using the Cobot Maker […]

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