Cobot Maker Space

We are a vibrant maker space at the University of Nottingham to explore the future of collaborative robotics.

Create. Connect. Collaborate.


To the Cobot Maker Space.

Based at the University of Nottingham, the Cobot Maker Space facilitates the exploration, research and design of human-robot interaction. We offer a welcoming environment to create innovative technology in a space to connect and collaborate with an interdisciplinary group of researchers.

The Cobot Maker Space was founded by the Smart Products Beacon at the University of Nottingham.

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Featured News and Events

  • Robots in museums – Lakeside Arts Centre exhibition

    To mark the 175th anniversary of John Boot opening a herbalist store on Nottingham’s Goose Gate, Boots has partnered with the University of Nottingham to explore how shopping has evolved […]

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  • BRAID/AHRC Creating a Dynamic Archive of Responsible Ecosystems in the Context of Creative AI – open event

    We are delighted to be hosting a BRAID/AHRC networking event being led by the Department of Philosophy, University of Nottingham on the 22nd July (2-4pm).

    The event will include a presentation […]

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  • Congratulations Praminda!

    Professor Praminda Caleb-Solly has been appointed Academic Director of the National Rehabilitation Centre. This is a significant role that both recognises Praminda’s leadership in intelligent sensing and assistive robotics, and […]

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