Cobot Maker Space

We are a vibrant maker space at the University of Nottingham to explore the future of collaborative robotics.

Create. Connect. Collaborate.


To the Cobot Maker Space.

Based at the University of Nottingham, the Cobot Maker Space facilitates the exploration, research and design of human-robot interaction. We offer a welcoming environment to create innovative technology in a space to connect and collaborate with an interdisciplinary group of researchers.

The Cobot Maker Space was founded by the Smart Products Beacon at the University of Nottingham.

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Featured News and Events

  • Working with the Hayden Green Institute

    Dominic Price, Technical Manager at the Cobot Maker Space talks about his work with students at the Hayden Green Institute in this Entrepreneurship project sponsor experience video:

    ¬†Cobot Maker Space […]

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  • Summer Work Experience

    During July, the Cobot Maker Space (CMS) played […]

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