Go Ahead I’m Listening (GAIL)

We welcome the ‘GAIL’ project to the Cobot Maker Space.

GAIL is a TAS Hub Agile and Integrator Round 3 project and runs from 1/9/2023 until 31/8/2024

Would you trust a robot more if it exhibits more human-like behaviour? Human-like behaviour in a robot could amount to a ‘dark pattern’ that could be exploited by malignant actors, thus it is important to strike the right balance. This project will build a demonstrator (human-like active listener) that provides positive non-verbal backchannels (e.g., nodding) to a human to test whether this type of behaviour can lead to over-trust and oversharing through a user study. The result will be an open-source system for the Trustworthy Autonomous Systems (TAS) community to build robots with adequate human-like behaviours.