Healthcare Robotics Technologies – Metrified (HEART-MET) competition

The Cobot Maker Space is delighted to be hosing the Healthcare Robotics Technologies – Metrified (HEART-MET) competition from the 3rd – 7th October.

The competition will address the growing age-related healthcare costs and quality of life problems, which threaten the stability and safety of the social security systems in charge of paying and maintaining high quality of healthcare.

Focus of the competition will be on tasks that may directly impact on the user’s wellbeing in a complex and unstructured domestic environment  This implies the use of a wide variety of functionalities and requires a strict validation of the safety of the robotic behaviours. Assistive robots from different universities across Europe will compete to solve challenges. The robots will be  evaluated on functionalities such as object and person detection, activity and gesture recognition and object handover.

The competition is organised as part of the METRICS project