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The Cobot Makerspace is open and welcome to everybody. We would love for you to get involved, work with us and explore what robot-human interaction can be!


You’re an academic, researcher or independent consultant: Whether you are already brimming with ideas for what human-robot interaction could be, you’re an experienced part of the community or you’re just coming into the field, the Cobot Makerspace can become part of your research practise.

Interdisciplinary, cross-field collaboration is the very reason the Cobot Makerspace exists today, so we openly invite other academics and researchers to join us; to refine current best practises and to figure out what the cobots of tomorrow could be.

What could we achieve together?

Close-knit collaboration, knowledge exchange, academic collaboration, research projects, mentoring and supervision.


Your company knows that robotic support is the future – whether you are already deploying ‘bots or wanting to explore it for your specific circumstances, we would love to speak to you.

Whether you are a start-up just about to hit the market, a middle-sized company with a rich family history or a large business undertaking that has been around for years, we are excited to meet you.

The Cobot Makerspace is embedded within an excellent research network of interdisciplinary researchers, that has the skills, ability and knowledge to tailor projects to you. As part of the University of Nottingham, we sit at the heart of a vibrant, international research community, that can support projects from the start all the way through to market deployment.

Reach out to us to learn more, schedule a first brainstorm meeting or get to know our team better.

What could we achieve together?

Research and development, prototyping and product development, user studies, interdisciplinary + critical + nuanced research.


You’re curious, interested and critical to see what human-robot interaction is: Whether that is through tinkering yourself or asking big questions.

Our research will directly influence how everyday life with robots looks like, so we are keen to learn from curious, open-minded people from the public, which includes you!

You do not need to a cobot or robot expert to join the makerspace: We welcome people from all backgrounds, and all skill levels and all opinions. In fact, we invite you to speculate, be create and critical with us. Let’s shape what cobots could be, together.

We would love to hear from you and get you involved into our research.

What could we achieve together?

Citizen science, crowdsourced knowledge, focus groups, show and tells, workshops, education and outreach…

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